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「SIBR-Thammasat 2019 Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research, 9th-10th June 2019, Bangkok」発表論文<共著:瀬谷啓介、小林延至、白坂成功>

How to make a story with a past-to-present perspective that helps non-technical adult learners to understand Artificial Intelligence with satisfaction and increasing learning outcomes


As emerging technologies are rapidly spreading everywhere in our society, the demand for emerging technology education is growing not only for technical people but also for non-technical people. There is a previous study that showed the effectiveness of a story-based visual and agile teaching method for non-technical adult learners, but it did not clarify how to make effective stories. The purpose of this study is to propose a method for creating a story from a past-to-present perspective and to show that the created story provides a desirable lecture for non-technical adult learners and leads to high satisfaction and learning performance. For the evaluation, we created a history- based lecture by the proposed method and provided an Artificial Intelligence (AI) basic course to non-technical adult learners. Effectiveness was measured by the favorability rating of the history-based lecture and by the overall satisfaction at the end of the course; the reasons for those ratings were also gathered. The learning performance was also measured by knowledge tests. The novelty of this study is to clarify one of the effective methods for creating a story-based lecture for non-technical adult learners who want to learn AI and found the reasons why this method works.